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Lamina 35Mountain Hardware Lamina 35
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The Lamina 35 is lightweight, synthetically filled and designed to be comfortable down to 0°c.

I found this sleeping bag really comfortable, not just because it was warm and well made, but because it’s roomy enough to feel like you’re not constricted, but is still a perfectly functioning mummy bag.
It rolls up very small, but lofts up quickly and well every time. Also, being synthetic, it’s very easy to care for.

Looking mainly to travel in warmer countries, (or at least places not dropping far below freezing!), and used in conjunction with a sleeping bag liner, this should prove more than sufficient.
We’ve also tested it out during the cold snap in Jan 2010 – a night out on Molesey Heath is enough to send shivers through anyone…

Update from the Road: Throughout Europe, the temperatures varied wildly, going from as high as 25 degrees in the coastal parts of Turkey to -2 degrees in parts of Bulgaria and Serbia. The Lamina 35 worked amazingly well – only a few times did I ever actually wear anything while sleeping, the rest of the time being kept comfortably warm by my silk liner and sleeping bag. During the coldest of nights I did put on thermal layers, but often found that too much. My fleece lined buff did make a huge difference though on very cold nights, as it seemed to stop any draughts coming in through the face opening in the bag.
The sleeping bag seems to be incredibly well made, and hasn’t shown any sign of wear or damage, and is still as comfortable to use.

Although I carried it throughout India, there was never any need for a sleeping bag – the silk liner proved more than enough for almost every single hot night.


Packs away small, easily

Not the cheapest
“Long” versions are tricky to get a hold of…


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