Headgear (Glasses, Buff)

M:Vision DarcsCycling Glasses – M:Vision Darcs Quad
£29.99 from Evans Cycles.com

I love these glasses, despite disagreements from others. I don’t see the point in spending hundreds of pounds on something which, with a bit of a scratch, become quickly replaceable.
These glasses are comfortable, interchangeable (spares are readily available – nose piece, frame and lenses), and do a good job of cutting down bright lights/glare without compromising on visibility (even on darker days or nights).
The Darcs set comes in a case with 3 lenses, and a spare nose piece. Nice.

Very comfortable
Lots of spare parts/lenses available
Scrtach resistant
If parts pop off in pocket or from accident, they clip straight back in

Starts arguments about how much you should spend on cycling glasses.


Buff HeadwearHeadwear – Buff
£12.99 from Evans.co.uk

A simple elastic scarf, which can supposedly be worn in any number of ways (but which lets face it, most people never use when not around their neck).
A buff is the kind of thing that you can keep looped around your neck in even warm weather, without making you feel over uncomfortable. And the moment you need to pull it over your nose or mouth it’s there.
Equally useful to keep your face and neck from freezing over when shooting down a mountain in a cold windy night, or just on a chilly morning commute.


Feels like the elastic might deteriorate (though it hasn’t)


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