On The Bike (Shorts, Jersey, Socks, Gloves)

Mavic Sprint ShortsMavic Sprint Shorts
£49.99 from Evans Cycles.com

I’ve tried out a few different shorts in the past, and yes, they’re revealing, and yes, they make you rather self conscious when you walk into a countryside store and everyone stares at you like you’re naked. Or worse.

I used to use the Endura Xtract 8 Panel shorts, which are great value for money and soften the blow of sitting on a bike the whole day, while the Lycra/nylon material allows your skin to breath with plenty of flexibility and movement.
They’re also not too loose around the waist or thighs (the silicon grips not ripping painfully at your hairs either), but the sizing like most things can sometimes be off – I’m a 32″ waist and needed a large.

However I now swear by the Mavic Sprint shorts.
They are the most comfortable shorts I’ve ever worn – a great fit, fitting snuggly without being too tight at all in any place. The padding is also great, with different thicknesses and densities of foam. They also dry really quickly – something I’ve noticed when sweating my arse off in the intense Indian sunshine.

The sizing on the shorts is pretty frustrating – I wanted to buy a second pair, and ordered based on the label inside which stated “UK Large”, and “International XL”. Being in the UK I bought a Large…. apparently you want to use the International size when ordering….
It’s also worth keeping an eye on the price for these – they usually sell for around £75, but Evans frequently sell them discounted at £50.


endura-fs260Endura FS260 Pro Jersey
£44.99 from Evans.co.uk

This is a really nice, comfortable lightweight jersey that fortunately comes in more colours than the rather strange mustard colour that websites display.
It’s easy to clean (something which I was doing daily while in India), and the one drawback is the fact that I prefer a 3/4 length zip. That’s purely for the reason that I can unzip it and leave it hanging around my waist.
I also use a Gore Wear jersey, which I bought in Evans but don’t seem to have found the exact same model online. The only drawbacks of that are the fact that it’s white (or rather was originally white), and a bit thicker and tighter, making me hotter and more self conscious!


DeFeet AireatorSocks – DeFeet Aireator
£7.19 from Wiggle.co.uk

Your feet will smell. There’s little you can do about that other than minimise it, and make your feet as comfortable as possible.

These socks are nice and comfy, and work well at keeping your feet cool in hot weather. They also dry off quickly from sweat or rain.

For colder weather throughout Europe, I also carried the DeFeet Woolie Boolies – woolen socks which I ended up wearing more often in the freezing cold evenings. As an added benefit they have a sheep stitched on. With the words “Baaaaaa”.


Waterproof Socks – Seal Skinz
£19.99 from Wiggle.co.uk

Overshoes work well to keep off the majority of rain from soaking into your shoes, but on the really bad days I also used waterproof Seal Skinz. I’m unsure how worthwhile these are….


Bontrager GlovesGloves – Bontrager Crochet Gloves
£11.99 from ActionBikes.co.uk

Yes these are padded, yes these are comfortable, yes they’re really breezy on the backs.
But none of this matters when you realise that you look bad-ass. That’s right Woodsy, your gloves are coming around the world.

Update from the Road: Being back in Singapore I’ve gone back into the Trek store where the gloves were first born, and am now the proud owner of a fresh pair. It’s nice to have gloves which don’t smell, and still have that beautiful rasta glow :)


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