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Kleen KanteenKleen Kanteen
£16 from Little Acorns to Mighty

The Kleen Kanteen is one of my (many) prize possessions. It is perhaps my Royce Hub of the bottle world, and by that I mean it looks and tastes good, as well as being damn near indestructible.

Made from food grade stainless steel, the Kleen Kanteen keeps water tasting fresh and clean, instead of the usual plasticky taste you get with reusable bottles. The lid is nice and wide, so its easy to clean with a bottle brush (although drinking straight from the neck sometimes leaves me pouring too much into my mouth and choking…). I have a sports cap on mine, so its easy to drink from whilst cycling.
One of the saddest days of the trip so far is when I lost my first bottle.

Aside from my Kleen Kanteen, I tend to simply use PET Water bottles which fit nicely into my cages. That way they stay clean, fresh, and can more easily be recycled (unless you’re in India).

Topeak ModulaTopeak Modula
£7.99 from Evans
Bike Buddy
£14.50 from Bike

Having a strange collection of bottles, and having replaced many with disposable supermarket water bottles, its great to have bottle holders that can adjust their sizes.

The Topeak Modula bottle holder is great for this, as it can accommodate my very narrow Kleen Kanteen, or the very wide Evian bottle I was using for a while. You just turn a simple bolt to adjust, and while I used a bit of old inner tube and tape to pad it out a bit, the two I have now give very good storage.

Lifeline Titanium CageI got a Bike Buddy to replace my old Titanium Lifeline bottle cage I had on the underside of my downtube. I noticed when packing up the bike in Damascus that the plates that fix to the braze ons had worn and snapped. It still held on, but only by determination. Perhaps this would’ve faired better on a road bike…
The Bike Buddy holds just about any size bottle, and is available in 3 forms (to suit different bike fixtures). While it holds it securely, it doesn’t feel quite so easy to pull in and out, which is why its reserved for my third bottle on the downtube. I was using my cheapy a Specialized bottle, but buying so many 1 litre bottles of water in India, it was just easier to keep replacing these.
The one thing I would comment on with the bike buddy, is that I would never keep it on my bike without a bottle inside. The spring fastners look as if they would very easily spring loose, and only with the bottle in place keeping them under tension, do they seem to be secure. No issues so far though…


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