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Polar CS400Polar CS400
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There’re a lot of cycling computers out there, and sadly like saddles they’re far too expensive to try all of…

The CS400 combines a Polar heartrate monitor, and a cycling computer which can measure all the usual speeds distances etc, but also with an altometer, output graphs, cadence sensors… and even a light.
The CS400 has the great abilit to be incredibly customised, changing displays and features to suit your needs and whims. It also allows information to be easily transferred to your PC, displaying all your training, and allowing you to create personalised training plans.

The downsides? Apart from the price tag, I seem to have an issue of the computer and the chest strap not communicating properly, and constantly displaying the wrong heart rate (I may not be fit, but you know there’s something wrong when your HR jumps from 00 to 214!!). It always seems to sort itself out after a little while of cycling, which makes me think it’s something to do with the moisture on the sensors, but still rather irritating.
That said it’s still a great piece of kit, and again I’m impressed by how waterproof it seems to be.

An additional irritation is the fact that when mounted on my touring bike, the steerer appears to be so long that the wireless signal occasionally drops. That means that over the course of a day, I lose maybe 5% of data.
If I had more money to burn (now), I would probably opt for a different computer, such as the Bontrager Trip 3. It’s the closest computer I can find to the Trek computer Stu has (which they no longer seem to sell). Being Bontrager, I’m sure it’s actually identical. This still has all the important information such as cadence, speed, distance, temperature etc, but being wired in it’s a lot more likely to be accurate. Plus, it’s a lot cheaper which means it’s less of a drama if you lose it or it gets nicked.


Clear display
Many many features
Sophisticated computer
Infra-red data transfer to PC

Various accessories are additional expense
Connectivity issues sometimes


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