Abus Granit X-PlusAbus Granit X-Plus
£61.65 from Wiggle.co.uk

One of the strongest locks around, and one which has been the top of many of a review. It’s relatively light (at 1.8kg, relative is the operative word), but super tough. I bought it primarily as a lock to qualify my insurance for my road bike, but found that it’s definitely tough enough to secure my round the world bike.

Some may think it’s overkill to take a d-lock like this on a relatively safe expedition, but at the end of the day there will always be times when you need to lock your bike. And when your bike is your you home, your transport and all you’re worth, you don’t want to risk it.

We’re taking a couple of these and a cable lock, for the additional flexibility.

Update from the Road: Perhaps I’ve just been incredibly paranoid in my use of locks… I can’t think of an occasion where we’ve actually benefited from the excessive security we’ve used on our bikes, but then you wouldn’t really know unless it all goes wrong. That said, I certainly think three locks between the three of us has been overkill. Crossing India, one D Lock has been more than enough, and I’ll be rethinking what I take with me when I set off in Japan.


Robust easy to use system (doesn’t jam)
Long enough to fit through frame and two wheels

Only comes with 2 keys. Cheapskates.


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