SKS MudguardsSKS Chromoplastic Mudguards (P65)
£29.74 from

As I knew would be the case, the mudguards were far and away the most irritating part of the bike to fit.
But they are undoubtedly useful- riding through the rain and mud, mudguards make an amazing difference at keeping you dry and clean(er).

Once fitted these mudguards work pretty well, and seem to be strong and sturdy despite frequent knocks and of course being bundled into bike boxes.
The P65s (65mm wide) allow plenty of room to fit tyres, our largest being the Schwalbe Marathon Plus 1.75″ tyres.

The difficulty is in fitting them, as the stainless steel stays need a lot of bending and cutting down. You also have to be careful to fit them to the largest tyre size you’ll be using – Craig made a mistake and ended up barely being able to fit his Gatorskins in, and so needed to ditch the mudguard when fitting larger tyres.

All in all, pretty decent.


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