Pannier Racks

Tubus CarryTubus Carry Rear Rack
£159.99 from SJS Cycles

“The world’s lightest long distance carrier”. The Tubus Carry is another thing I’m strangely fond of – although it’s true that it’s not cheap, the weight (a mere 470g), the strength, and the sheer sleekness of the titanium make it a winner in my eyes.

Tubus StaysThe rack stays are designed to bend slightly to brace the rack against the bike, but this did mean that it required occasional straightening to prevent the rack from tipping forward.

Although there are far cheaper racks out there, the Carry seems like the ideal choice for strong light and durable racks. Coupled with Tubus’ worldwide replacement guarantee (yet to have to test that out), this looks like the best rack money can buy.
If you can fork out the money on a rack like this, then I can highly recommend it.

Looks nice

Relatively small (only really noticeable with the top rails)


Thorn MkV Cro Mo Steel Low RiderThorn MkV Cro Mo Steel Low Rider
£71.48 from SJS

This front low rider is meant for heavy duty use, and made by the same guys who make Thorn bikes (so straightforward and compatible). They should also fit onto other forks which have standard spacing between bosses.
They’re not the lightest you can buy, being just over 500g, but rated to carry at least 12kg per side, which should be more than enough – anymore, and I’d be more concerned about the strength of the forks themselves….

The only issue I’ve found with these is that the steel needs slight bending to fit properly. It also means that the hub is a tight fit in between the racks to mount into the dropouts (but does work).
The black powder coating also rubs off very quickly where there is contact with the pannier bags. Not a major problem, but I occasionally rub off the rust that appears in those patches…

When I bought these in early 2010, they cost around £30, but since then they seem to have shot up in price. I imagine you would be able to find a much more economical rack elsewhere. I also don’t like dealing with SJS if I can help it….


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