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Eco Media PlayerBaylis Revolution Wind Up Eco Media Player
£139.99 from

I always enjoy having a tune or two to listen to while cycling, so I wanted an mp3 player that could do everything, and last the distance.
As to whether or not I’ve chosen that device is still to be seen….

The Baylis Eco Media Player is a 4gb mp3 player, with two key features:
– Battery is rechargeable by in built wind-up dynamo
– Memory is expandable by SD (or SDHC) cards.

With that in mind, I was able to use this mp3 player with a vast collection of music, videos and audio books. I’ve also been able to occasionally when the need drives (and when I’m desperate enough to listen to the next chapter…) recharge the battery.
The unit also provides an LED light, and is able to recharge external devices via mini usb (as well as a whole host of other features).

The player also charges through the mini usb socket, which means that I can use one charger for both my mp3 player, Blackberry phone and Garmin.

All that said, this is the third player I’ve had in just over a year, following a number of issues. Firstly, the “down” button stopped working shortly after I returned from Japan. I sent the unit back to Baylis who repaired it. I had no further issues with it at all until all of a sudden in Bulgaria the screen decided to break. I still don’t know what caused it, but the strange fact was that the internal LCD seemed to explode, while the surface plastic part of the screen was fine. My assumption is that it had something to do with the sudden changes in temperature in Bulgaria from going into a super warm hostel. Who knows.
One thing I should say though is that Baylis (or rather TCL Products) offer very good customer support.

Other slight grievances are that the player is incredibly slow at initializing, when reading from the SD card, and that skipping tracks causes a slight delay.
I’m still using this, despite being on the verge of replacing it. Wanting something with an SD card slot and chargeable via USB, my two favourite options were the Sansa Clip+ and the Creative Zen. Luckily for now I can save the cash.

The manual suggests that 1 minute of charging provides 45 minutes of playback, but… I’d say that’s a rather conservative estimate. I wouldn’t suggest this device on the assumption that you can charge it purely in the field by hand. But it is a good back up.

Long battery life (48 hours stated)
Chargeable via mini-usb/wind up dynamo
Expandable SDHC card slot
Plays back wide range of files

Large/not the lightest
Very slow operation
Screen Issues


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