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The Spot Tracker is a pretty straightforward device which automatically logs your position every 10 minutes.
It’s a simple case of switching on and leaving during the course of the day, and also allows a “check-in” message to be sent at the end of each day, letting your friends and family know you’re alright.

It’s a nifty little way of keeping track of exactly where you’ve been, although not without cost.
The device itself costs around £145, and requires an additional subscription to activate the service (around £40 a year).
A cheaper way (albeit less “precise”) would be to simply use Google’s Latitude service to log a GPS position each day.
You could do this if you have an international roaming plan for a Blackberry or similar, which I ended up doing.


bold9700Blackberry Bold 9700
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Instead of buying a laptop and phone, I was hoping for one device to do everything. Having already used a Blackberry for work, I was used to the keypad and could use it quickly and easily. And with 3 replaceable batteries, the Blackberry will last about 2 weeks between charges, which is perfect for time in the field.
It also has a full QWERTY keypad (I can’t stand touchscreens), and a sturdy feel. With an Otterbox case, I’m hoping this phone will last me the rest of my life(!)
More recently, I managed to drop my phone fully into a glass of water, where it happily sat for a few seconds before I removed it. I didn’t take any chances and took my phone apart putting it into a bowl of rice for a few days, but presto – no problems.

I use the phone for emails to keep in contact with everyone back home, and the internet, Google maps and update my website remotely. T-mobile (UK) offer a international data roaming option for pay as you go users, at £15  month.
That being my only phone expense, it’s not too bad considering the amount I use it.

As well as my standard BB and T-Mobile SIM, I also have a Go-SIM account.
They’re meant to be provide cheap calls internationally, as well as making calls cheaper to receive to.

Great battery life
All the necessary functionality

Limit to number of Apps may put some off


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