roadmorphTopeak Road Morph
£29.69 from Wiggle.co.uk

Although I was carrying the Cycleaire Plus for a while, after leaving Europe carrying two pumps seemed unnecessary. Throughout Europe we almost exclusively used the Topeak Road Morph, as it allowed for relatively quick and easy inflation of tryres up to 130psi.
The Topeak Road Morph does heat up which is perfectly normal, and does benefit from occasional maintenance. After a puncture in Turkey, Stu tried to grease the valves and stem, but too much silicon will bind the entire system. This meant that we did need to use the Cycleaire until we reached Damascus (which certainly entertained everyone when pumping the tyres up in remote Turkish villages), but shouldn’t prove a problem again.
After cleaning it down, and applying a small amount of grease to the o-ring, the pump worked like a dream.

With a large cylinder and foot plate, this pump is very easy to use.


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