I hate buying new headphones. Its a pain, and something of a hit and miss adventure, especially when shopping in a small town hardware store slash Radio Shack….

Once the initial disappointment with my Skull Candy headphones (the worst I’d ever bought and far inferior to my deceased Philips set) had passed, we headed out South to hook up with the Central Lakes Rail Trail that Rachael and John told us about back in Pekin.
A small diversion before Fergus Falls had us looking for a signposted gun club down a gravel road, but sadly it was only open once a week. Also sadly I wasn’t paying attention and skidded in the deep dusty gravel. Ouch.

Once we eventually did reach the trail though, it did not disappoint.
Over 100 miles of smooth, wide asphalt lay ahead of us, following the path of the old rail network that once ran here. It took some getting used to the quietness of it all, barely passing a single person for hours at a time. After a heavy lunch and too much pie, the going was slow, and we ambled the majority of the 80 miles today at a leisurely, chatting pace.
We also celebrated our 2000th mile in America (or at least what we think might’ve been), with a scoop of peanut butter and a nice lean against the bikes.

We had been aiming for the town of Osakis having seen on the map a shelter and toilets. Sadly that didn’t make for suitable camping. So instead we headed for a nearby city park on the edge of the lake, which although did not specifically permit camping, didn’t forbid it.
Same thing as inviting us, really…

Its strange to think that we’re already near the middle of Minnesota, and only a few days from Minneapolis- by far the biggest city we’ll have yet to encounter in America.

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