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The great Aussie adventure is over now, and in a few short hours we’re off on the next leg of our journey to Japan. It’s been an amazing time here in Australia, as with every country I’ve cycled through so far.
But Australia I think in some ways has been even more special. Yes, that’s partially because we’ve managed to go for 5 weeks without once paying for accommodation, but also because we’ve been shown such friendliness and warmth by everyone we’ve met along the way. Every person we’ve stayed with through Warm Showers, everyone who’s said hi to us throughout the country, everyone who’s had a chat with us as they’ve been caravanning around (and that’s a lot of people), and everyone who has shown us the generosity and the feeling of being welcome we’ve come to experience in every country we’ve been to so far.
Reaching Sydney has always been one of the points of my trip which I’ve looked forward to the most, and I know that’s partially been down to me looking forward to the kindness and hospitality of my friends here (something which I now feel epitomises people in Australia).

It’s an early start tomorrow, getting up at 3.30am to catch our flight from Sydney. The budget flighy rather depressingly flies to Cairns in 3 hours for a stopover before heading to Tokyo.
Well, no-one ever said cycling was the quickest way of getting anywhere…

It’s been a pleasantly relaxing last couple of days, having finished packing my bike (the most well packed bike box I’ve ever managed, I might add), and I’ve almost found myself at a loose end just “chill-banging” in the house. Luckily though we’ve used our time productively. As well as becoming a hairdresser to Jack, going for a quick bush walk and checking out the awesome Vivid Fesitval, we’ve made enough sandwiches to last us the flight, and avoid the questionable in flight meals Jetstar offers.
It’s the simple things in life….

Thanks again to everyone who has been a support to us in Australia.
And especially of course to Ash and Em; good luck with everything – cycling around the world is a breeze in comparison…

Stay tuned: to be continued tomorrow in Tokyo…..

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  1. Hey Guys, if you two have been eating like that and not cycling, your lycras are going to feel a little tight :)

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