Hotel does not always mean hotel. “Hotels”, as I’ve mentioned, more often than not are simply restaurants. Lodgings are in fact usually hotels.
Hotels advertised with ac/non ac rooms are usually hotels. Sometimes though that just means they have two separate restaurant rooms, one with ac one without.
“Hotel and Restaurant” sometimes means hotel with a restaurant. Sometimes it doesn’t though.
Motel sometimes means motel. Sometimes it doesn’t though.
A big building called a hotel with lots of windows and aircon units and a big hotel sign is sometimes not a hotel. Sometimes it is nothing. At all.
Hotel sometimes means hotel.

All of the above sometimes are meaningless.
Go into somewhere that advertises as lodgings, and sometimes they won’t have accommodation. Sometimes they do, but they don’t want to give it to us.
Sometimes they say they only have expensive rooms… Til you turn to walk away.
Sometimes they say they have a room, tell you the price, show you the room, and then say “sorry no rooms”.
Sometimes they stare at you as if you’re from another planet.

And sometimes, just sometimes, you go into a place called “hotel”, they show you the room, it’s a fair price, they don’t try to add any extras on, the bikes can go in the room with no trouble, there’s a toilet, there’s minimal cockroaches or mouse droppings and they don’t stand outside your room shouting all night.


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  1. ug…but it’s still magnifique!

  2. f”king marvellous!

    1. Ah, perhaps I spoke too soon about how nice this place is. Since waking up, the power has all gone off, and the water doesn’t work.
      Which means I can’t fill the bucket with water to flush the toilet.
      And it really, really needs flushing….

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