One Year Later

It’s strange to think that one year ago today, on a strangely warm and sunny late August day I got onto my bike and rode away through the streets of London towards the coast.
It was funny that within mere minutes of leaving, someone had excitedly asked where we had come from, where we had been and where we were going. Of course at that point we didn’t have much to say, but since then I’ve been asked those questions more times than I can remember.

Ironic too, that as has been pointed out to me, a year ago today I was on a ferry heading East toward Holland, and today I’m on another ferry heading East toward Holland (a small town on the Lake Michigan coastline).

This trip has been far from non stop, nor has it been the purist form of “around the world” (you’d be surprised how many people have asked whether we’re peddling across the oceans). But it has been an amazing opportunity so far, with the people I’ve met, and the places I’ve visited.

Today held only a brief time on the bike, cycling from the ferry terminal through the small city of Muskegon. I’m not sure if it’s a fair representation of Michigan, but it certainly felt like we had entered a different part of America. Perhaps it was the grey humid air, the cracked roads, the ripped up payphones, the strip clubs or the huge retail parks. Perhaps it was the first Aldi we’ve seen in the States.

It seems strange as well now, to think that this is the final part of the journey. In less then 4 weeks I will have reached New York City, and flown home. Before then though, we still have nearly 1000 miles to cycle; across Michigan, a little way through Canada, and then the home straight through New York.

The only way I really want to celebrate my time on the road tonight though, is by getting a nice early night.
A bathrobe and slippers would be a nice addition too.

I’m feeling old.

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  1. I love this picture of you :-)

    Make the most of every last day

  2. Yeah Mate, you’re looking pretty old (lol).
    No doubt you’ll enjoy the next thousand miles with your usual enthusiasm. Cheers.

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