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Cinamon rolls, scrambled tofu, pancakes and lots of coffee for breakfast. Pretty fantastic you might think? Indeed. But far better than that is the fact that it seems my love of maple syrup precedes me; no sooner had I sat down for breakfast, Brian revealed a bottle of the good stuff, explaining that he’d seen me mention it on my site. Beautiful.

Suffice it to say we set off that morning with bellies bulging, and feeling very satisfied. Our day continued for the most part through the flat valley bottom, joining up with the canal path on occasion and skimming along the smooth tarmac roads at others.
There are times, such as this morning, when I find myself with a blank mind, peddling along with the scenery rushing past, and suddenly looking down at my legs. Its during these moments that I sometimes am looking in almost foreign bemusement at my own legs, which I suddenly realise have transported me however many thousands of miles around the world. Surely they can’t be my legs….

Thoughts like this aside, with the flat terrain and light tailwind, we stormed along, and so had quite some time on our hands. Stopping for light lunches and watching the canal life go by, we also did the most British thing possible and paused for afternoon tea. Which is no mean feat in the heat of the day, and with a petrol stove. That requires dedication. And an excess of tea, which we still had from being given bags of the stuff a little while ago.

As we sat there sipping our tea, it was quite satisfying to watch a large group of casual cyclists amble by our bench, as I greeted each of them in a different accent. Perhaps it was the sheer tedium in repeating “hello” to each of them, that convinced me that was an amusing idea.
Sadly it became slightly more awkward when a short while later we caught up with them, and was forced to speak in my normal boring voice. I should’ve just gone full Aussie on the….

With this same group of people on the pathway, I also discovered a couple more things. Firstly, that I can use bubble gum in lieu of a bell by making loud popping noises with it. Secondly, it’s never that satisfying overtaking an older gentleman, even if he is on an electric bike.

Our day would have probably come to a straightforward conclusion after that, had it not been for our blind (and admittedly foolish) faith in Mr Google. The first indicator should have come after reading Goggle’s instruction of “turn left onto proposed bike path”. I’m not entirely sure how someone’s meant to turn onto a trail that as yet only existed as a concept. Perhaps it had decided that we’d transcended the realm of the physical, and could move amongst the conceptual world. Perhaps it simply thought that the world should be based on its design, and not vice versa.
Our second treat came while climbing up a steep incline to reach the house of our bikesurfing host in Sprakers for the evening (if you don’t know the term bikesurfing, you clearly haven’t been following closely enough. Oh the shame).
The hill itself, although a bit of a shock to the system after weeks of relative flatness, wasn’t too bad. What was confusing was the fact that after typing in the address of our destination, Googly had determined exactly where it was, and proudly directed us to it. It will of course come as no surprise to learn that this was not the right house. Nor even close.

The lesson of course is that no matter how good and effective such software and technology is, it’s not always 100% reliable.

Lesson learned.

Now to plan tomorrow’s route on Google Maps.

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  1. Looking at your legs like that, I think you have trascended the realm of the physical!

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