Tokyo to Kyoto, October 2009

The 600 odd kilometers from Tokyo to Kyoto along the Nakasendō is (perhaps alarmingly) the first real time I’ve really tested myself, and I still don’t really feel like I achieved anything particular. Given the steep mountain roads, the continuous wind raing and typhoon, and the sorry state of my knees, I felt I should have been left crippled by it all. In truth, I just arrived in Kyoto hungry and in more of a daze than insomnia fuelled nights of sleeplessness.

The route mainly followed the Nakasendō, along route 17 out of Tokyo, route 18 Westwards, and routes 20, 19, 21, 8 and 1 South Westerly towards Kyoto.

Click here for”brief” journal entries from the trip,
or check out the gallery below.



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