Rain Delays Play

I think that the sound of wind and rain, as it whips against the windows of a house is made worse by the fact that you know that for at least a short while longer, you can pull the duvet over your head and stay warm and dry. Which is exactly what I did.

The rain had started early during the night as predicted, and showed no sign of easing up by the time I came down the stairs in the morning.
Thick pools of water were forming on the gravelly driveway, and I knew that it would be an absolutely miserable day’s cycling in that weather, even if we didn’t need to go that far.
There really was only one sensible conclusion to be made: forget cycling.

So close to New York, and with relatively so much time to make it there before our flights, there seemed little reason to push ourselves into the cold and wet when I could stay inside this comfortable warm house, by the wood burning stove, and look out at the rain.
Jack and I were however only too pleased to stay here another day in exchange for helping out with some chores that needed doing. After all, we had warm comfy beds and delicious meals, so could hardly complain. Breakfast was another day of luxury, with the most fantastic waffles I’ve ever had, and of course: syrup. Janet takes her Maple Syrup seriously, buying gallon jugs at a time. It was also heated gently to make a more runny syrup – quite the contrast to the thicker syrup that I usually use, from keeping it in the refrigerator or even freezer.
As I write these words, I’m beginning to realise that this website is becoming more of a homage to maple syrup than anything else.I think that can only help its popularity.

Jack and I set to work on an old house that was being renovated, and helping with the clear out. Like all building which are well over 150 years old, this house had plenty of areas that needed work, though for us today our only concern was with cleaning. Not the most glamourous job, but our efforts were rewarded by returning back home to the smells of food cooking away atop the stove of the wood burner. The evening was spent sitting around with bellies full, relaxing and talking, and trying to make sure the dog didn’t eat the silica packet the dropped out of one of my food bags. Poisoning the dog of the people we stay with probably wouldn’t look that good.

With the first frosts of the year predicted tonight, it’s amazing the way the weather has suddenly changed.
But, of course, tomorrow we really will be cycling. With little more than 200 miles to go, there’ll be no more rest days until we get to New York City..


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