Rainbow Road

It was an early start today, not just in regards to my much needed sleep, but also on the bike. After some tasty and nutricious porridge (its quite nice when made properly and not by us on a petrol stove), we were on the bikes and out the door by 7.
Steve was off on a training ride of his own this morning, and so led us down the highway to his meeting point. With a nice wide shoulder and smooth roads we zipped along and made quick time. In fact, after saying goodbye to the cyclists, we somehow managed to keep up that good time for almost the entire day, cracking out 100km by 1pm.

All this distance came at a cost of course, and today it was monetary.
With the speeds we were going at and the distances we were covering, we needed a lot of food, and stopped for two lunches. The first was of all things a Subway- something I wouldn’t really choose to eat in England, but right then it was just what I wanted. The second was a stop at Freddo’s pies, boasting something like 50 varieties of pie. I probably could’ve eaten all 50… But we settled for one each.

Apart from shopping stops, our only other pause was after Jack received his second puncture of the trip. Not that it was necessarily the fault of the Maxxis tyre he bought in Brisbane, but more down to the huge nail that seemed to go straight through it. The downside (for me) was that we had been cycling over undulating hills, and I had ridden over a few crests before realising that Jack was missing. There was a slow concern building, and by the time I had cycled back the couple of km I was convinced something terrible had happened. Of course nothing had.

After the first 100km shooting by so quickly, the remaining 20 seemed positively sluggish, and it was a great relief when we finally pulled into a rest area. Again, not the fanciest, but good enough for us.
And portaloos and benches are better than a pot of gold, I thought, as the huge arc of a rainbow stretched above us as we put up the tents…

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  1. Hey Guys, if you find the real pot of gold, you can keep the portaloos and benches, and I’ll look after that much-too-heavy pot :)

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