Return to Tokyo: Riding with One Eye Open

It feels good, in a way I cannot properly convey, to be lying in a bed again. A real bed. A big, thick, comfy bed. No air mattress. No sleeping bag. No tent. Just a good, comfy bed.
And air conditioning.

The ride into Tokyo today, like the final days of each country, seems to have been the hardest yet. Quite the opposite of the ride into Sydney though, which brought cold and rain, today brought some of the most intense heat yet, and a wind that felt like it was peeling layers off my skin.

From the moment we stepped off the ferry in Oarai, we felt the change in temperature, and last night was no exception. The heat blanketed us in our tents, seemingly impregnable to any air movement. Jack even resorted briefly to sleeping outside, though the night dew and mosquitoes seemed to drive him back in.
This morning the heat was simply intensified by the sun, made worse by the bizzarely strong winds buffeting against us the entire way to the centre of Tokyo. Having broken my cycling glasses recently, I had no choice but to alternate which eye I kept open, to avoid them both being stung both by the constant blasts of dust, and the salty sweat running into my eyes.

We crawled along the 120km to Tokyo, stopping only for a brief visit to the Japanese Space Exploration Agency Museum. A rather understated museum from the outside, it exhibited a lot of interesting replicas and test rockets. And even included a lot of information in English…

The ride into the city itself was predictably slow, stopping at every single traffic light, and fighting against the busy evening flow of cars.

But eventually we made it, dark, dirty and very very tired.

Another country finished, cycling over 2100km in under 4 weeks.

Once again, its time for a well earned rest, before taking on the final country: the USA.

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  1. Epic journey through Japan Cliff.

    I must admit I’m addicted to reading your blog. Really looking forward to the USA stories … the US can be a very odd place

  2. Congurulations Cliff and where is the Stuart and Craig ?

    1. Thank you Gokay!
      How is training going? Are you and Eda still coming to London??
      Stu and Craig have returned home after Malaysia, and are in the UK now.

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