Riding the Bulgarian Roads (so far)

Our first day’s ride in Bulgaria took us near to Razgrad, around 55k out of Ruse- a short afternoon’s cycle to get us out of the city.
Having not seen anywhere for some time to camp, we thought we’d just “enquire” about the price of a motel on the main road, and decided it was cheap enough to justify (50 Lev). It took us a long time to decide the route out of Ruse, both to find one which didn’t rise too high (our original route rose to at least 800m), and also didn’t go on too long a detour. I found it surprisingly difficult to find consistent information on the roads in Bulgaria, and which were decent for cycling on. So, in case anyone happens upon this when trying to find out for themselves ways to cross Bulgaria, here is my penny’s worth…:

After much deliberating and against some advice we found, we decided to use the main roads, the route 2 (or E70) to Sumen, and then the 73 South, joining Route 7. After Elhovo, we then aim to come off South East and cross into Turkey at the Lesovo/Hamzabeyji control point.
We were told that the roads could be pretty bad, with busy traffic and pushy Bulgarian motorists. But so far things have gone well (so far…). The roads are in good condition, the lanes wide, and the drivers more courteous than in Hungary or Serbia. Though of course they all scream past each other given the opportunity….

Perhaps this isn’t the most scenic route, and it certainly still rolls up and down the terrain, but if this helps us get across Bulgaria while avoiding the cold of the mountains, then all the better.

We’ll see how it goes though, as we carry on….


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