Road to Baja

Leaving Budapest was harder than I perhaps made it sound. I have memories of that city which I’ll never forget, and I felt rather sad looking back upstream at the hazy city in the distance.
Spending so much time in one place reminded me almost of what it is to be grounded- to know your way around a city without maps, to feel comfortable enough to jump on and off the public transport without paying (but knowing enough so that the one time I was stopped I had a ticket!).

We had the perfect weather again today, with the sun warming us nicely, and a gently tailwind behind us. There’s a definite crispness looming in the air though, and we’re now cycling less on clear warm ashpalt but instead a bed of fallen yellow leaves. Sitting on the burning pavement in the baking sunshine in Germany seems like a lifetime ago. I feel already strangely nostalgic about it- time has passed quite quickly, even though every day seems to go on forever.

Hungary is rapidly running out- the road to Baja is mainly straight and quick. Following the 51 makes the km rack up quickly, but means there are hordes of speeding Hungarian motorists. Cars overtaking lorries that are overtaking us. And it’ll only get worse as we go on! The knees felt a bit tight today, but I’m hoping that’s just the harsh reintroduction to the world of cycling. I just need to remember to make sure I stretch properly…
In a few days we’ll be in Croatia, and then Serbia.
Anyone living in Belgrade who wants to put us up??

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