Road to Damascus

Today was everything I imagined it would be. Exhausting, painful and generally sickening. From the moment I wheeled my bike downstairs I thought I was going to be violently ill, and spent the rest of the day determinedly not vomiting. Of course not having eaten anything all day meant my energy lasted all of about 10 minutes, and we struggled on at a measly 10kmph.

With 100km left to Damascus, we thought we’d call it a day. But no sooner had we found a suitable spot to camp, when a large jeep pulled up, and 6 armed soldiers got out. Camping around here, it would seem, is not advised, with the prospect, perhaps, of being shot. By the soldiers or by someone else, it was not clear.

Moving on, after a short while we came across a restaurant, and when asked whether there was somewhere to sleep around here, they put us up in a “caravan”, a small building with little smoking alcoves. Turns out it makes for a very comfortable sleeping area!

Tomorrow, we take Damascus, and then finally a well earned break…

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