Santa Wears Cycling Shorts

Life on the road means the necessity for very few things.
But should anyone insist on getting me anything, there are always a few things that could be useful…..:

– 1x Pletscher Multi Zoom Rear Kickstand
(As per here:
– 1x Brushed Stainless 27oz Kleen Kanteen with Poly Sports Cap (as per here:
– 1x Black Ortlieb 22L Dry Bag PS 17 (as per here:
– 2x CR2032 batteries
– 1x 60g tube of Savlon
– 2x 50ml tube of toothpaste
– Suncream (strong)
– Mosquito repellant (95% deet etc)
– Things on my wishlist
– Powerbars or something (just a few to take with me….)
– Small tubes of tyre path repair glue
– Anything edible

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