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IMG005805Apart from leading a life of leisure while in Singapore, I have also spent my time updating my website (skills far beyond that of poor Woodsy). This has been the last chance to update my website substantially for a while. In two days we’re off – flying to Australia to cycle down the East Coast to Sydney.

  • I have now updated my breakdowns of each leg so far, included detailed route maps and galleries of everywhere I’ve been under The Trip
  • Changes to the equipment I’m carrying has been updated on Me and My Stuff
  • I have added a translation function to the site – the English character languages seem to function relatively well, at the very least.
  • The main visible changes are to the display of my journal, which are now truncated to avoid the long and messy journal entries.
  • The long awaited Eagle Diaries are now online! Click here, to find out more…

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  1. Mate – the website now looks awesome. You’ve done a sterling job – great work!

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