Sunny Romania

Incredibly tired, so a very quick recap of today’s events:
– Dog snuffling around tents all night (lots of dogs roaming around in Serbia).
– Freezing cold again in the night
– Wake up to a stunning view of the valley below, but an arduous task of breaking camp (tents frost covered in morning)
– Chilly descent from mountain
– Tried with difficulty to exchange remaining Dinars, but they don’t exchange Leu
– Made it to border crossing (Iron Gate dam)
– Spent remaining Dinar on junk food in duty free shop for lunch. Lots of people shoving cigarettes down their pants.
– Enter Romania! Abundant sunshine, at last.
– Head to nearest town to get cash out, but can’t find working cash machine. Get chatting to a nice Canadian who points out there’s a few right next to us.
– Buy supplies from local shop. The freezer cabinet is full of fish. Whole, loose, fish.
– Cruise through Romania on a mixture of roads, some good some bad some up some down. Mostly up tho.
– Buy honey from a stall at the top of a big climb. Why this is the best place for a tiny table selling honey, I don’t know.
– Find a field and small woodland which may be an opportunity to camp. Just wait for goat herder and goats to look the other way…
– Wood is full of more goats. And goat herder. Camp anyway.
– Cook up interesting meal of bits bought from duty free and Romanian corner shop, including pasta, sauce, frozen veg, salami slices, and bag of peanuts. Surprisingly nice.
– Have Serbian Liqueur from Duty free. Unsurprisingly not nice (a bit like aftershave and cough syrup).
– Have “Plazma” biscuits for desert. Slightly better then they sound.
– Clocks have gone forward, so much later than usual…
– Bed time.

Romania should be a chance to catch up on the lost time from crossing the river, before we reach Ruse at the Bulgarian border. After a tough day yesterday of cycling up and down hills in the shade on the Serbian side of the Danube, and the seemingly warmer weather on this side now, things are looking slightly more promising for not freezing to death!
At least until Turkey…


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