Take Me and Dry The Rain

What a beautiful day for a cycle.
It rained non stop throughout the night, and despite camping in our favourite type of spot (yep, a public park, right near the road in a big town with a no camping sign up), it was still a miserable start to the day.

You know its going to be nice ride when the rain is falling at a steep angle into your face. So thick its like a big blanket enveloping you. A cold, wet blanket.

It should have been a simple ride today- no more than 65km along the coast and hopping on a ferry across Broken Bay to Palm Beach. Unfortunately not so.

Wind, rain, thunder and lightning all came at us as we struggled along. To then make it worse, within 10km I had my first puncture in Australia…
We pushed on, and as the rain eased off, tried to make the most of the hilly ride. We had decided to aim for Wagstaffe, where we would get the ferry to Palm Beach. It was only 6km from the main road, but over one of the steepest ascents I’ve ever climbed. The whole time we were joking about what we’d do if the ferry were cancelled.
And then we found out it was. Stuck on a tip of land, we had no choice but to head back.

It was due to the strong weather and large swells, that it was cancelled, but apparently there was a more navigable ferry route from Patonga- a mere 23km away up and down hills. Or I think mountains, technically…?

There’s a immense frustration in knowing you can see your destination about 1km across the bay, but having to fight your way up and down in the wind….

On the ferry now, gunning it across the choppy waters.

I wish we could take it all the way into Sydney….

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  1. I love the way you sound so cheery even when there are ridiculous obstacles being thrown at you! I’ll try to remember that when I’m in the same situation. Here’s hoping the next few days are the most beautiful you’ve experienced anywhere in the whole wide world :) Sydney can be such a delight!

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