TATA For Now

With India crossed, and the only souvenir from 2000km of cycling a dodgy foot injury and another product from the ever present TATA corporation, it’s time out time.The cycling will continue in Japan, on my own for a while, starting from Fukuoka, and continuing through to Hokkaido via Tokuyama, Tokyo, and of course most importantly Tashirojima.

It’s been another amazing country to experience, and certainly one of the most unique so far, difficult to imagine until you experience it yourself.

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  1. Clifford, Your Dad studied English with me 100 yrs. ago. I had a most wonderful letter from him a month ago. Could you please let me know how he is? I love your website – makes me wish for youth again, while being very proud of what you’re doing. Liz

  2. Hi, just wanna say this, your friend Stu came round to Rodalink, Singapore on Sunday to fix his bike a new chain and sprockets. We heard his story of riding 9000km and here’s a photo of him in the shop :)


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