The Bicyclists Bunkhouse

It’s difficult to imagine going from one amazing and comfortable location to the next, so seamlessly. And yet somehow we’ve managed it, arriving at the Adventure Bicyclist’s Bunkhouse in Dalbo.

We woke up this morning after a peaceful and quiet night’s sleep, even after the heavy thunderstorm that pelted the roof. It’s always satisfying knowing you and your stuff is indoors, warm and dry…
It took a while to hit the road- after all, we weren’t going to pass up Alice’s kind offer of eggs, bacon and coffee. Equally so, we weren’t going to pass up the chance to climb up one of the silos on the farm.

It was a short and easy ride today, along the flat, smooth, straight roads with tail winds that we seem to be having so frequently now. Pulling up at Don’s Bunkhouse is really an experience. Even having only cycled a short way today, being able to roll bikes inside, have our own cosy rooms in this converted wooden barn, and just relaxing for the afternoon is an amazing feeling. Taking the time to do some work on the bike, cleaning and oiling the chain link by link. Touching up the handlebar tape. Fixing my other shoe with zip ties. Bliss.

Even dinner time seemed nicer, no doubt being helped by the ability to sit down on a chair, at a table, and eat off plates. A novel experience.
Of course, the 2lb of dried meat we used also helped it taste extra nice.

Don opened up this space for cyclists around 5 years ago, after he started seeing bikes pass by on the road. After having the first few groups he saw in the house, he decided to build a more substantial space, and converted the barn.
Again it blows my mind that there are people who go to the effort of doing this, spending their time and money on something like this. For no reason other than they like to help.

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