The Eagle Diaries

Today was a sad day.
Jack has fallen from the fold and fled to the safety of Koln. I can honestly say I can’t imagine there being a more entertaining week now until he returns in Japan!
Keep a look out for an entire section on the site dedicated to “The Eagle Diaries”, with Jack’s excellent journal writing…

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  1. Clifford, Where on earth are you now? Did you get to Japan? How is your Dad? I hope you are well. Greetings from the Buckeye State! Liz Maxwell

    1. I’ve been staying in Singapore over the last week with some friends, but flying out to Cairns today! Then it’s just an easy 2000km down the east coast to Sydney…
      After that, I’ll be flying to Japan to cycle an as yet unknown route!

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  3. […] celebration of his arrival, I’m pleased to announce the publishing of The Eagle Diaries. Written by Jack during the first weeks of the tour as he joined us through Germany, they show a […]

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