The Missing Link…

Broken Chain....

Last night came the mad dash into Stuttgart. As always, our timing and planning was impeccable, and we managed to ensure that we finished the day smack bang in the centre of one of Southern Germany’s biggest cities. Not great, when you’re trying to find a quiet patch of grass to pitch a tent, and carrying nearly a kilo of beef for dinner.
As the sun started setting, and the suburbs went on and on we realised that the chances of finding somewhere were slimmer and slimmer, so we headed into the centre, to find a youth hostel.
And while rushing along the Neckar, my chain, which had been groaning for some time, finally decided to give up… and broke. One the the pins had broken, and so the outer link didn’t stand a chance (Ben, if you’re reading this I still can’t believe how lucky you were!).

We had spare links with us of course, and the repair was no more than 10 minutes. But its somewhat disconcerting to find that after just under 1000km, your bike is disintegrating. We came across a bike shop today as well, where we not only managed to pick up some more spare SRAM Power Links, but also a couple of maps for the route from Ulm to Vienna. I’ve a feeling they’ll come in quite handy….

Either way, all was repaired and we eventually did find the youth hostel after many wrong turns and steep hills. I no longer like Stuttgart.
It was great, however, to finally take a shower, and to use a washing machine for the first time yet…


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