Through the Iron Gate

The wind this morning was unbelievable. Even with the beautiful sunshine, the wind felt like we were spending the whole day cycling uphill, even when we were going down.
Despite that, and despite the rolling hills we were climbing we managed to cover off nearly 100k.
With all that energy burned, we managed to eat todays dinner and tomorrows lunch- not a problem since we need to try and find a restaurant where we can spend the last of our Dinars on lunch.

Finding somewhere flat to camp was also an issue. As the sun went down, we finally found a small plateau overlooking the valley below. Rather nice, but rather chilly….

Tomorrow we make Romania where, from the looks across the border, the roads seem wonderfully flat.

We have as yet no currency, despite trying in hap hazard communication to change our remaining Dinar into Leu (and failing).

All matters for tomorrow. Right now I need sleep.

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  1. That’s a good buff…

  2. Loving the look – like an Arctic terrorist!

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