Time Out in Kempten

There’s something to be said for being back indoors, if only for the next couple of days, relaxing at my Grandmother’s apartment. Enjoying the simple things in life, like spending the day drinking cup after cup of coffee and being mostly horizontal. Showers. Clean clothes. A lack of slugs in your shoes in the morning. The simple things in life.
My arse for one, is most certainly happier for the time being.

That being said, I’ve been told that some of my comments make it sound like I’m not having a good time- this is most certainly not the case. There are many things which I am enjoying, and which I’ve learnt to become grateful about.
For example, I’ve realised just how handy my thrifty and budget conscious lifestyle previously in the real world has lent itself to finding the most cost effective “quantity per euro” meals possible. I’ve also begun to enjoy the small things, like sitting in lycras one the car park ground by the front door of a supermarket making sandwiches, or the benefit of making use of a toilet (any toilet), even if you think you don’t really have to go.

All in all, a few weeks in, although there have been ups and downs, and progress has been mixed, things are still going as planned.
The bike seems to be holding up well, despite the breaking of a chain and a few other minor issues, tho now is the time to be fixing it up. The body too (especially the knees) has surprised me so far in that they haven’t broken. My biggest obstacles at the moment are the obscene amounts of money I seem to have spent so far on food, the fact that I’ve still managed to lose weight, and the difficulty in deciding whether to cut my hair and shave or not.

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