Tokyo Test Ride

On our last day of luxury before we hit the road and launch ourselves into Japan, it was time to take the bikes out on a test ride through the streets of Tokyo to check any last minute maintenance needs.
Since there was no where specific to go, there was little worry of getting lost. And yet still, I had the distinct feeling that we were…

The problem with cycling through Tokyo (aside from the ease with which you get sucked into a labyrinth of roads), isn’t the danger from the cars, but rather the sheer annoyance of the traffic lights stopping you every couple of hundred meters. With that, we managed barely more than 25km, but that was enough to remember how much I like my bike.
The new cleats I fitted made my shoes feel new, the greased freehub made my wheels spin fast, and the “new” handlebar tape (which I just rewound in Sydney) made the grips comfy and soft.

And despite that feeling of being lost, we still managed to head through Ginza, cycle past Tokyo Tower, and make a stop off at the Sensoji in Asakusa to waft some healing incense onto my knees to help them conquer the Japanese mountains ahead.

All that was left was a spot of shopping, and some last minute route planning, and trying to work out how the hell we get out of the city tomorrow. Camping on urban concrete is not ideal….

As always, the night before setting off runs late, and the short night’s sleep ahead of us will be far from enough.
Which begs the question… Why am I still writing…?

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