Touring Test 1 – Road to Windsor

Broken TimeBefore heading back to ‘Pore, Orlando thought he’d teach me a thing or two about the world of cycling. Perfect opportunity to take the touring bike for it’s first spin, in the blistering UK sun 40 odd miles to Windsor and back.

Despite a few loose bolts and the occasional jammed chain when trying to shift gears too quickly on the front chainring, it rode like a dream.

And Lando managed to put me through my paces too… until he hit a hill, pushed himself and his heavy breakfast a bit too hard… and vomited. What became abundantly clear were those immortal words: “Milk was a bad choice”.


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  1. Normal day for me; can’t function until i’ve purged the system.

    Mortals like you could never comprehend, Wiffers.

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