Turkish Tan

The sun had finally come out as we left the border this morning. Last night it looked like it may never lift, looking out the window and seeing only a suggestion of lights in the distance.
Apart from a brief roll this morning through the thickest mist we’ve cycled through yet, the sun shone on, and it was time to get working on the tan.

Finding out way through Turkey is a bit more of a challenge now though, as we’ve reached the end of our Bulgarian map, we’re literally headed into unknown territory. Following some of the smaller roads up and down the constant rolling hills, we’ve made it as far as Kirklareli. A lack of eating properly over the last few days has left us all pretty exhausted, along with a combination of the strong sun and tough roads…

Its amazing how dramtically the landscape has changed since just a couple of days ago- gone are the mountains and forests, replaced with a horizon filled with yellowing fields and farmland.
The small towns scattered inbetween the hills were filled with curious onlookers. The border guard said that only a few cyclists came this way each year, and presumably even fewer take the roads that we have been. In a small town where we were visibly lost and going back and forth, we were beckoned over to one of the many groups of men seen in Turkey, sitting outside drinking tea and smoking. Keen to meet us, we were offered tea, as well as a bag of satsumas for the road! Hopefully the good weather continues in Turkey, and the night time temps don’t fall too low…

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  1. Mint tea, perchance? Dynamite.

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