The Gatorskins have definitely reached their end of life…
As predicted, today was cold and wet as we prepared for our descent. But before we even got to the road, Stu had decided to ride down the gravelly mountainside, and completely shredded his rear tyre. Replaced with one of our spare Paselas, we rolled on to the road and the petrol station where we wanted to drop off our rubbish wet and a couple of hours behind. The plus side is that we were offered several cups of tea and coffee, the first of many times today!.
The next 30k zipped by as we freewheeled down a few hundred height meters through the valley- a beautiful if not cold and slightly wet descent….
…To be followed by several hundred meters back up.
By then at least the sun had broken through, and there was no shortage of people calling us over and offering us refreshing cups of Cay. They also all seemed to be keen on trousers that join at the knee- a very cool look. When we eventually did make it to the top, it was a mad dash around the small town’s stalls and market shops to buy food before dark. Our departure was once again delayed though… With another puncture. My third in 3 days. I’m impressed the tyres have made it this far, but I’ll definitely be glad when we take on some harder wearing, or at least new tyres.

Barely rolling out of the town, we pitched up in a forest as the sun came down, and eaten ourselves sick with Lokum and cakes…. Tomorrow really should be downhill this time though- 100km to Adana.


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