There are many shortcomings of having such a large scale map. You can’t help but wonder whether the gradients drawn on are just those randomly painted on by the cartographer, or perhaps the landmarks are a good way off. Either way, the town at the foot of the mountains appeared not to exist, and so we cycled on up and toward the top. The steepness becomes apparent from the fact that for the first real time on this trip, my knee is beginning to hurt like it once did….

We stopped at the first eatery we found, some 700m up, and ate a small meal. After sitting down for a short while, we approached the owner about whether there was anywhere around to stay the night. Well, we think that he offered us a spot to camp next to his restaurant because… Well… That’s where we’re camped!
Its a rather unusual spot, close to the road and by the car park, but given how tired we were, we were happy to be able to stop for the night.


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  1. Breakfast in bed?

    1. If you’re offering.

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