Up in the clouds

This morning we found that the wind had thankfully died down a little. The news showed reports of the effects from the strong winds and heavy rain from around the country. Fortunately we only had the wind to contend with, and the promised rain for today is yet to appear in full force.

Today took us on our penultimate climb in Turkey, up to around 1450m, which is (correct me if I’m wrong…) The highest we’ve climbed on the trip so far. The mountains are incredibly overwhelming, and either side of the road are snow covered peaks towering above. Its noticeably chilly here, and while setting up the tents there was an incredible wind. Unfortunately that seems to have died down now, which likely means with the clouds moving ever closer, its going to be another cold, damp and dark morning.

…We are in them now…


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  1. 1000 feet climb into the clouds, well done. At least it’s all downhill from there……….until the next one

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