Vegan With A Vengeance (and other cookbooks not mentioned in this post)

Over three and a half hours. 
That’s how long it took us to get ready this morning.
Three and a half hours… that’s such a long time. I can’t even say what we were doing!
Drinking coffee yes. Writing emails sure. But you’d think by now we would be such a well oiled machine of efficiency and one mindedness, that we’d hit the road by sunrise.
Instead we’ve reached that point on our trip where everything’s become very… unrushed. 60 miles in the hot sticky sun? Not until we’ve had another cup of coffee.

So, we ate a slow and relaxed breakfast, as the sun dried off the morning mist from our tents, and we chatted to the grounds keeper who came over to ask the usual questions that anyone seeing two cyclists like us might ask.
It was such a nice evening spent in that park, and the first day where I actually felt thoroughly rested – ironic, considering it was also the first night’s camping in about a week.
I suppose when you’re out on your own, you don’t have the distractions of enjoyable company to keep you up, and can get back to your old habit of being in bed by 9.30….

We once again shunned Google’s directions of taking us along a bike path, which although running for most of today’s route, consisted of nothing more than a grassy strip where the railbeds were presumably ripped up sometime ago.
Instead we followed the highway, which while not exciting were fast enough, with the winds alternating with and against us the whole day. We only stopped briefly to pick up supplies (and finally replace the old plastic bottles we’d been carrying since Japan with “European Artisan Water”), and also to have our first KFC meal in America – an ill thought out decision. After smelling the delicious scent of roast chicken from behind a deli counter, the craving was triggered. But KFC was a poor choice, dished up as a rather pathetic pile of greasey looking and unsatisfying chicken. The only “redeeming” factor being the limitless soft drinks. Which turned out to be a burden as my belly bloated with root beer.

Our evening bikesurfing (the hip new term for WarmShowers which is neither hip nor new) was with a great group of people living in Flint. They are the first vegans we have stayed with during our tour, and served up a delicious meal of tempeh tacos. More interesting was their underlying foundation behind their vegan-ism, which as I understand is less to do with ethial issues, and more to do with the environmental and ecological impact of mass domestication and consumption of animals and animal related products. I couldn’t help think back to that night we spent in Alice’s Attic, when she took us around the dairy farms, and saw the rather sad sight of the conveyor belt style milking of this enormous complex filled with cows…

The evening became more interesting still, when the father of one of the bikesurfers stopped by, wanting to heat about our trip. Interested in all aspects of the trip, he was especially keen to hear about the human interactions with people in America. I found it really intriguing to hear some of my own thoughts out loud, as tumbling about in my mind, they don’t always surface in a coherent fashion. Take this rambling entry, for example. But it reminded me of the fact that even though in a few weeks this trip will be over, and I will have returned to a life as yet unknown, I will always have this experience, and it will have influenced my personality, and no doubt my future for the rest of my life.

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