Viennese Whirl

After a month on the road, roughly 2000km, and nearly spending our first night in Vienna camped behind a petrol station, we had once again had the good fortune to find the hospitality of someone here!
Vienna seems to be a beautiful city, but instead of spending our first day here exploring the city, we were first burdened by our dirty laundry (literally), and then became engrossed in the amazing Freytag and Berndt, the map shop of mapshops in town. A quick visit to Cycletopia meant we were able to find replacement parts necessary to fix a fault in Craig’s Tubus rack. And of course the restaurant where you decide the price you pay at the end of a meal- an experience filled with uncertainty and hesitation as we handed our cash over…
Yesterday we took the time out really to just enjoy our surroundings for the first time. Its been good to get out of the saddle and actually see properly some of the places we cycle through, instead of just whizzing past them (or slowly rolling, I should say). Its a shame our visit to Vienna is just a fleeting glimpse of this beautiful city.

I find stopping tough though sometimes- an almost restless tension builds up, making me feel like I can’t stay put for too long. That, combined with the overwhelming desire to spend all my time sleeping and eating makes it difficult both to stop and start cycling.

But knowing that the coming weeks brings new sights, and better rewards certainly helps. Next stop, Budapest.


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  1. Save yourself for the Japanese buffet FEAST we have planned for you in Singers. They’ve even got that disgusting fish stuff you obsess over!

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