Viennese Whirl(wind)

Leaving Vienna was harder than I imagined, not because of an attachment to the city, but because Slovakia decided to throw a delightful headwind our way. And we seemed to go in circles trying to get out- I can only imagine the exciting spirograph of coordinates we plotted on the map while twirling our way through the city.
And dinner was an exciting affair, when a lovely Austrian lady with kids in tow asked for help with her bike. Gave me one last chance to use my German, and of course test my puncture repair skills. She was a little overly grateful though, to the amount of 15 euros. My ability to politely refuse in German though was limited (I wanted to avoid using the phrase “don’t be stupid”), and ceased entirely when I then nearly dropped her bike on her. Oh dear. Which now tempts me to open a “worldwide” mobile bike repair service…

Anyway, tomorrow, after a hearty breakfast of tinned pumpkin, triangular bread and Billa cheese we hit Bratislava and beyond!

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