Wet, Wild and Dirty, but not in a good way…

Waking up in the mild dry morning light (or rather darkness) was clearly the calm before the storm. After just a few minutes of cycling, the wind began, and a few minutes after that, the rain. Combined with the roads which had suddenly deteriorated and stayed consistently hit and miss (whether you hit or miss the crater-like potholes) it in fact turned out to be some of the worst cycling conditions we’ve had so far.

It was so bad in fact, that when we hit the 70k target for that day, we thought why not do another 70. And we did.
Straight away, Stu had a puncture- another roadside repair in the wet, which despite being in the middle of nowhere still managed to draw a crowd. At first just a couple of kids on bikes just stood and stared at us, not looking particularly interested, but patiently waiting nonetheless.

The bulk of the afternoon was uneventful enough, despite being bitterly cold wet and windy. It was then that we made the mistake of following the google maps prescribed route which suggested there was more than one bridge across the river.
One very muddy and irritating detour later, we were back on the road, our bikes, bodies and equipment thoroughly coated in mud, with 20k still to do…
We finally pulled across the strange old bridge in the dark, and rolled into Ruse.

After getting up 18 hours ago and cycling all day, I’m ready for bed again.
A day off in Ruse (mainly to clean), and then we take on Bulgaria.
We make Turkey in one week.


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  1. Ah, that kind of rest day. Then I’m going to have a full rest day this weekend (apart from bike work)!

  2. Nice work.

    But what’s a rest day?

    1. Well as a Student, a rest day for me is basically the same as the hardest day of your life.
      Only with more laundry and cleaning.
      And bike work.
      And less sleep.

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