Yesterday’s Pies

You know it’s been a damp and misty night when its not just jack’s tent that is dripping wet.
With both our sleeping gear laid out on wooden posts waiting for the morning sun to dry them, it looked more like a garage sale of soggy old camping equipment.

The ones who did show a lot of interest though were the birds, who seemed intrigued at the prospect of making off with a prized possession. It was a constant case of chasing off the pesky things while trying to enjoy our coffee in peace.
All I can imagine is that with it being a Saturday night, Mr magpie had in mind to steal my fancy sleeping bag to make a duvet worthy of impressing any lady magpies…

Aside from the avian antics this morning, the day passed swiftly by. Cycling along the highway is fast, if not uneventful.

The only other highlight came after dinner. Having picked up some cheap frozen “yesterday’s pies” from a bakery, we had a desert of 5, with the only issue being how to cook them. We engineered a system of rice lining the pot, covered by an x-bowl and the pies on top. It worked, but only to limited success.

We ate the rest of the pies cold.

Img01214-20110521-0710 Img01228-20110521-1822

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  1. Were they sweet or meat? There’s nuthin’ loik a cold meat poy!

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