“You can’t fall off a mountain”

After an unexpectedly dry night in the forest, we made an early start for our descent from the mountain. A slight climb took us back up to 1300m, but after that, it was down to sea level…

Unsurprisingly, the day zipped by, with a combination of downhills and flats we reached the boiling hot city of Adana at 2pm, and spent the next hour trying to work out Turkish building numbering systems to find number 22- not as easy as you might think!

Relieved, we eventually met up with Gokay Eda and the Es Bike team, and with the help of some handy Turkish negotiations from their father, got a reasonably priced room in the same 4 star hotel as them.

Being able to make it to Adana today was amazingly well timed. Not only are we still on track to the plans we set out in Belgrade (and even before we started the trip), it meant that we were able to meet up with our Es Bike friends from Eskisehir to watch them take part in the Adana International Mountain Bike Race.

The only thing left was a pre race dinner. And what do champions eat to prepare for the big day? A carefully selected range of nutrients, carbohydrate packed pasta, and vitamin rich fruits and vegetables.
None of these were on the menu.
Instead, we tucked into a delicious kebab.


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  1. Cereal and copious amounts of milk usually ensures i’m at peak physical prowess.


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